The Dark Knight Rises at Cineworld Boldon 5am this Friday

Having just got back from the premier of The Dark Knight Rises all I can say is WOW. Don’t worry, I’m not going to give away any spoilers or anything, I will let you all see for yourself. What I will say is get yourself down to Cineworld Boldon this Friday for the 5am screening, It really is worth the early morning. Yes you will be tired but once the film starts that will be forgotten. Its the longest of the 3 movies, though It didn’t feel like It was on that long to be honest. A great story with elements taken from a good run of the comics (I’m not saying which ones, I told you there wouldn’t be any spoilers). The cast are fantastic, though Bane’s voice Is a little bit iffy, though you get over that. Tom Hardy is quite good as Bane, very beefy and menacing, though not as big a Bane as comic fans are used to. This really is a Trilogy film and not just a sequel like most trilogies claim to be and It does bring the story full circle. So come Friday morning get yourselves down to Cineworld Boldon at 5am and enjoy the end of a legend.

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Dark Knight Rises 5am screening at Cineworld Boldon 20/07/12

Dark Knight Rises 5am screening at Cineworld Boldon 20/07/12


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